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True Old Sluice
True Old Sluice

I had a very capable 4x4 XJ, locked front and rear, 5.5" of lift and 32" Swamper radials. We had done almost every 4 and 4+ trail in Moab, and the Little Sluice and True Old Sluice on the Rubicon; so why was I not satisfied with this very trail worthy Cherokee? Maybe it was pride, or perhaps stupidity, or maybe the fact that I kept hearing about XJ owners dumping their grocery getters for more hard core rigs. Whatever it was, something inside me knew there was hard core potential in the XJ and it needed to be exploited.

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Diamondback Truck Cover

Diamondback Covers offers a unique truck bed cover that provided secure out-of-sight storage and that ability to provide extra flat-surface carrying capacity.  And, it offers options for the odd height situations frequently encountered.

For starters, the covers is a standard diamond-tread aluminum cover.  Except, there are two hinged sections connected by a stationary crosspiece.  Together, the cover can support loads up to 1600 pounds while maintaining secure storage.

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On-board Air - yet again...

By all measures, the most effective (and most expensive) is the converted air condition pump used to provide high volume air.  The market leader for these is Kilby On-Board Air providing a complete system for about $1200.  MaxAir 4.0

The CO2 tank, popularized by PowerTank, are effective and relatively inexpensive. Power Tank is the original high performance CO2 air system for offroad use. I have used one for a number of years with satisfactory results.  Yes, the regulator can “ice-up” and, yes, you need to periodically re-fill the tank.  And, in my case, space to mount the tank and carry a load of camping equipment was becoming a problem.

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ARB M226 Air Locker Install - '05 Nissan Xterra

A few weeks ago I got a call from ARB's marketing department letting me know about their new M226 air locker, one of which was flown in early from Australia and they wanted to know if Rugged Rocks Off Road would be willing to help them out with the first M226 Locker install in North America and let them know how it goes making note of anything special that had to be done.

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Ford Center Console Repair

My 2006 F-150 has been reliable transportation.  Yeah, I have replaced the battery a couple of times.  And, the tires.  And. I have kept a regular change of fluids cycle.  But…  Yeah, there is always that “but”.

I have the center console that will flip up for an extra seat in the front.  The console has a cup holder and a lid covering a storage compartment.  The cupholder is ringed by by a padded foam trim covered with vinyl.  (Note the images at right.)  The foam pad is secured to the mounting base by a lip that slips into a matching grove on the plastic base plate.

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