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BLM Issues Immediate Temporary Closure of Clear Creek Management Area

News Release
May 1, 2008

BLM Issues Immediate Temporary Closure of Clear Creek Management Area

To protect public health and safety from exposure to asbestos, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) today issued an immediate temporary closure of 31,000 acres of public lands in Clear Creek Management Area (CCMA) in southern San Benito and western Fresno counties to all public use.

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Colorado's San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado

Colorado's San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado


  • Trail Rating: 4WD Easy
  • Good Scenic Trip
  • Forest Scenery, Meadows, Vistas and Overlooks


Report by: Mike Scott

Joan and I , along with friends Vicki and Gary Allender, took a vacation trip to do some off-roading in the San Juan mountains of Southwest Colorado. During these three days, we traversed the Alpine Loop (Cinnamon Pass and Engineer Pass), Black Bear Pass, and finally Stoney Pass Road.

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Isuzu Tech and Repair Archive

Isuzu Tech and Repair Archive

Spring Over Axle Lift - One of the first things an aspiring off-roader wants to do to their Isuzu is lift it and fit bigger tires for more ground clearance. Options for lifting your early model Amigo, and Isuzus in general, are somewhat limited. While there's not much you can do with the front without some serious cutting and welding, the back can be improved upon. This article covers the lifting of a spring-under-axle 4x4 Amigo using a Spring Over Axle (SOA) lift in back and parts of a Calmini lift kit for the front.
Changing CV Boots on IFS Isuzus - Changing the CV boots is not really fun, but it really isn't as bad as it would seem. Chances are you'll have to do this at least once, and probably several times if you have the torsion bars cranked for lift. Follow along as Dan Houlton covers changing the boots on the front of a '94 Amigo.
Installing Manually-Locking Hubs - Once upon a time, shifting to 4WD meant stopping the truck, getting out, and locking the hubs. However, today’s new 4x4s and SUVs more often than not come equipped with shift-on-the-fly (SOTF) transfer cases, which allow you to engage 4WD without stopping, even at speeds up to 60 MPH. This is a great feature in the eyes of the general public, however, in the eyes of a seasoned four-wheeler, this takes away some of the control, and many will look to "correct" this. So how can you take the control back? Install a set of manually-locking hubs.
Regular Maintenance - Isuzu Regular Maintenance - Engine Oil, Axle Fluids, Tranny and T-Case and more. Here you'll find articles regarding how to go about performing those regular maintenance items that are required to keep your truck running well. These include changing all the oils and fluids as well as other tips and tricks to help cut the cost of scheduled maintenance by doing things yourself. You'll also find that doing it yourself will go a long way toward teaching you how things work, and helping you figure out why things don't work when they should.
Lifting a Late Model Isuzu - Once you make the decision to lift a vehicle, the first stop is usually to the local off-road shop. At least, this is what you do if you own a more common 4x4, such as a Jeep... You go to the local off-road shop, they tell you about the fifteen different lift kits you have to choose from, and you pick the one that's best suited to your four-wheeling needs. But what happens if you own something with much less of an aftermarket, like an Isuzu?

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COHVCO 8th Annual OHV Management Workshop

8th Annual OHV Management Workshop: "A Tactical Approach to Now and the Future"
July 10-13, 2008
Salida, Colorado

This Special Workshop is FREE For Enthusiasts with FREE Lodging for qualified club reps.

Sponsored by the Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition (COHVCO) with assistance from: NOHVCC, MIC, BRC, US Forest Service, BLM and Colorado State Parks

This year's workshop will take a more tactical, "on the ground" approach with an emphasis on sustainability of existing designated trail systems and building toward future growth of; "Life After The First MVUM". A combined audience of Land Management Agency personnel and Volunteer User Organizations and Recreational Enthusiasts can sit down one on one in a relaxed, educational forum and discuss local issues, and develop the needed contacts to interact closely on the status and implementation of Designated OHV Routes by Travel Management Planning in that area.

Included will be educational discussions of OHV Management Techniques, Volunteer Stewardship, issues and general principles of enhanced social and environmental monitoring, maintenance and management of sustainable motorized trails. This will be coupled with the need to address easily understood companion maps and effective signage.

This collaborative effort will help to build camaraderie and a sense of understanding among agencies and different user groups.

Thursday Check In and evening VIP Welcome Reception (*Hors d'oeuvres and Cash Bar provided*)
OPTIONAL: Trail Crew Leader, Maintenance and Construction Skills Training. Certifications in ATV and Dirt Bike Safety.

Friday Agency & Enthusiast Classroom Sessions will include: (**Continental Breakfast and Lunch provided**)
Back to the Basics of Good OHV Management
§ Techniques in Good OHV Management, Trail Management Objectives and Cost Effective Ways to Implement Signage Plans.
§ Effective Trail Crews; What They Can Do. Managing & Scheduling, Training Resources, Project Funding Eligibility, etc.
§ Enhanced Social and Environmental Monitoring; Traffic Counters, Trail Patrols,
§ Sound Testing, Enforcement and the Future of Sound Limit Restrictions in Colorado.
§ The "4 E's of OHV Management, Sustainable Trail Maintenance Programs and "Life After The First MVUM"
§ The State of OHV's in Colorado; Side by Sides, OHV Parks and Play Areas, New Rules on the Horizon
**Planned Networking Dinner on own**

Saturday Agency & Enthusiast Classroom Sessions and Location Ride with Field Discussions will include:
**Continental Breakfast and Box Lunch provided**
§ USFS Rule and BLM strategy for Route Designation, Inventory, Collaborative Volunteer and TIGeR Team Efforts
§ Living With the MVUM and the Future, Volunteer Projects in Monitoring, Companion Maps for Designated Routes and Effective Signage
§ Technical TIGeR Team GPS/GIS and Global Mapper Software Training
§ Location Rides and Field Exercises, Sound Testing and the Future of Sound Limit Restrictions in Colorado
**Club Sponsored BBQ Donation Dinner**

Sunday Enthusiast Tailgate Sessions and Location Rides with Field Discussions to include:
**Continental Breakfast and Box Lunch provided**
§ Location Rides and Field Exercises with on the ground GPS Data Collections/Definitions and Trail Work Projects

Please mark this on your calendars and REGISTER NOW to attend.


For a more information, please contact: Corey Corbett at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The following is now available on line at the COHVCO website. PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT.

COHVCO OHV Workshop Info (July 11-13, Salida, CO) and downloadable Registration form

COHVCO Trails Awards (Nomination deadline June 10) and downloadable Nomination form

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4x4Wire Tech Archive

4x4Wire General 4x4 Tech Articles and Information Archives

Versatile Hardmount Onboard Air System - With proper preparation, designing and installing a versatile onboard system that looks as good as it performs can be quite rewarding. Using common parts, this article walks through a well-designed OBA system which integrates well with the vehicle, while maintaining options for future expansion and uses beyond airing up tires.

Portable Onboard Air Installation - This article describes an onboard air setup that is inexpensive, versatile, and portable. If you your 4WD is a daily driver and you don't want to permanently give up the space required for an OBA system, and you want to keep your A/C compressor, this will give you great ideas on how to build your own portable OBA system.

Tips for improving the Dana 300 transfer case - If you're rebuilding a Dana 300 transfer case, there are several easy and very effective modifications you can make at the same time: add an oil level sight tube, add FWD Hi-Range capability, replace the pressed-in vent tube, and replace the stock hex head bolts which can damage the case.

Nuts and Bolts about Fasteners, Chapter Two - Nuts - In this installment of our discussion about fasteners, we'll travel into the boring but equally as critical properties of nuts and washers. We'll show you the different types of nuts that are common to our assemblies and modifications. 

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