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The OutdoorWire family websites feature news and information affecting outdoor recreation opportunities and access to public lands. 

Advocating access to public lands carries a responsibility to be part of the solution for managing the public lands.  As a strong proponent for participation to make a difference, I am a full time advocate for recreation and the Managing Editor of the OutdoorWire family websites. is dedicated to four wheel drive recreation...

Advocating access to public lands carries a responsibility to be part of the solution for managing the public lands.  As a strong proponent for participation to make a difference, I am a full time advocate for recreation and the Managing Editor of the OutdoorWire family websites. is dedicated to four wheel drive recreation featuring technical articles and information to promote, protect, and provide outdoor recreation opportunities. focuses on California issues. is focused on environmental, administrative and legislative news and information. is Access and Landuse Central with an overall index to the contents of the family of websites. 

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Toyota Exhaust Manifold Cracking - Important Updated Information


To the end of the LC Engineering 3RZ header review (, add:

UPDATE 4/30/2008:

"Our part number for the 3RZ header has changed on that header. It is no longer PN 14-1731, it is now PN 1041054."

The corrected part number provided by:
Scott Kelly
Marketing Dept.
LC Engineering"


To the end of the LC Engineering turbo header review (, please add:

UPDATE 4/30/2008:

"In response to this review and other customer feedback, we have re-designed this header several times since this review was first published, and we have eliminated the problems that were present in the early designs, like the poor welds and the wastegate location/design.

The current design and build quality of this header are much improved over the initial release. If you could update your site with that information that would be great."

Scott Kelly
Marketing Dept.
LC Engineering"
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OutdoorWire Terms of Use

This site, and all original materials contained herein, are Copyright 1999 - 2016 by OutdoorWire, Inc. and MUIRNet Consulting -- All Rights Reserved.  OutdoorWire, 4x4Wire, JeepWire, TrailTalk, MUIRNet-News, and 4x4Voice are all trademarks and publications of OutdoorWire, Inc. and MUIRNet Consulting.  Any reference to OutdoorWire is deemed inclusive of the afore mentioned trademarks and publications.

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Any or all activities and/or actions depicted in this site may be hazardous. The authors of this material only relate their personal experiences and this publication does not endorse or recommend any particular activity or action. Please use common sense and discretion before engaging in any activity. At all times remember: Safety First.

This publication and the OutdoorWire, Inc family of publications, assume no liability for your use of the material contained within this site.

OutdoorWire, 4x4Wire, JeepWire, TrailTalk, MUIRNet-News, and 4x4Voice are all trademarks and publications of OutdoorWire, Inc. and MUIRNet Consulting.

OutdoorWire is not affiliated with any print publication.

OutdoorWire is not responsible for the content of pages that are independently hosted or linked on OutdoorWire and not part of our publication.

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OutdoorWire Privacy Policy

The OutdoorWire, Inc (MUIRNet Consulting) takes seriously the issue of safeguarding your privacy online.

Please read the following to understand our views and practices regarding this matter, and how they pertain to you as you make full use of our publication. This statement discloses the privacy practices for our publications including:

1. What information this site gathers/tracks about you
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4. This site's opt-out policy

Questions regarding these statements should be directed to the OutdoorWire's Staff at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Frequent Asked Questions about your privacy

* Does The OutdoorWire ask for personal information?
* How does OutdoorWire use any personal information it may gather?
* What about your advertisers or hosted merchants?
* Will The OutdoorWire sell or disclose any of my personal information?
* Will The OutdoorWire use any provided information for direct mailings?
* What about kids?
* Does The OutdoorWire use cookies?
* Does The OutdoorWire collect my "IP Address"?
* Other Linked Services
* What else should I know about my privacy?


Does OutdoorWire ask for personal information?

In general you are not require to divulge any personal information in order to read the content on OutdoorWire. However you may be asked for some information when accessing certain of OutdoorWire's features such as described below:

* OutdoorWire Mailing lists: When subscribing to an OutdoorWire sponsored mailing list you will have to supply your email address in order to receive the Email. Lists of the subscribers and email addresses of our the Email lists are not sold or otherwise commercially distributed by OutdoorWire. You have the right to unsubscribe from any Email list at any time.
* OutdoorWire Bulletin Board and Forum System: When registering to use our BBS & Forums, you may be asked to supply a name, your email address and possibly other personally identifying information for the sole purposes of prevent abuse of our BBS & Forum system. This information is not used for any other purpose.
* OutdoorWire Contests or Sweepstakes: In order to enter any of OutdoorWire's contests or sweepstakes you will be required to enter certain personal identifying information such as your name, address and phone number and may be asked certain demographic information as well. In this instance the demographic information is separated from the identifying information. The necessary identifying information such as names and addresses may be supplied to the companies furnishing the prizes for these contests. The demographic information, without any specific personal identifiers, is used by OutdoorWire to develop summarized demographic information about our readership. Companies sponsoring contests or sweepstakes in direct partnership with OutdoorWire agree not to sell or distribute the information derived from that contest.
* OutdoorWire Store Order Forms: When buying products from OutdoorWire's own store you will have to enter personal identifying information and financial information such a credit cards numbers. This will bedone via a secure server. The information is used only to process your order and for no other purpose.
* OutdoorWire Advertisers: The OutdoorWire is an advertising supported commercial publication. Companies may run ads on our publication and those ads may lead to the companies web sites and/or product order forms. Those sites, ads or order forms, whether hosted on our site or off of our site, may ask you for certain specific information. The OutdoorWire has no control over what these outside companies may do with the information that you supply them.
* Commercial and Advertising Inquiries: Companies or individuals seeking information about advertising on OutdoorWire or entering a listing into amy of our listings databases may be asked to provide information about their business. The information collected is used by our marketing staff to respond to the inquiry. This information may be used outside of The 4x4Wire for other purposes.

How does The OutdoorWire use my personal information?

* The OutdoorWire's goal in collecting the limited personal information it does is to provide you, the user and our readers, with the best web experience possible and to prevent the abuse of our system and it's services.

What if I make a purchase through a site hosted by OutdoorWire or a merchant who advertises on OutdoorWire?

* If you place an order at a merchant site hosted by OutdoorWire, a seperate affiliated merchant, or with a merchant advertising on OutdoorWire they may collect information from you, including your credit card and contact information. This information will be used by the merchant. OutdoorWire does not own, control, or influence these businesses in any way and all transactions and use of any customer information are the sole responsibility of the merchant. For further information regarding the merchant's use of customer information, contact that business or merchant directly.

Will OutdoorWire disclose any of my personal information?

* The OutdoorWire will not disclose any of your personal information, except as described above, or when we believe in good faith that the law requires or compels it, or to protect the rights and/or property of OutdoorWire.
* The OutdoorWire does disclose personal information in some limited circumstances, but this is specifically described to you when we collect the information, such as on any form collecting personal information, in a Terms of Service or Use Agreements, or in the rules or entry forms of sweepstakes or other promotions.
* The OutdoorWire may disclose aggregated user or demographic statistics (for example, 45% of our users are males between 21 and 35 years old) in order to describe our services to prospective partners, advertisers, and other third parties, and for other lawful purposes.
* If you make a purchase from a site hosted by OutdoorWire, or from a merchant advertising on OutdoorWire, the information obtained during your visit to those sites, and the information that you give such as your credit card number and contact information, is provided to the merchants. These merchants have separate privacy and data collection practices. The OutdoorWire has no control, responsibility or liability for these independent policies. For more information regarding the merchant, their sites or stores, and their privacy policies, contact them directly.

Will OutdoorWire use my information for direct mailings?

* In general, OutdoorWire will not, however if you enter a contest or sweepstakes the contact information from your entry form may be provided to the sponsor of that contest. These contest sponsors may use it to mail you further information about their products or services or otherwise use these lists. If you have signed up for OutdoorWire's mailing lists or forums you will be sent that mail and may receive mail from other users of the list. If you sign up for OutdoorWire's other services, we may mail you information that is necessary to acomodate that service. If we ever do collect information for direct mailings or to provide to others for direct mailings any such use will be disclosed on any form that we use to collect that information.

What about children?

* Naturally, the safety of children is very important to us. Kids should always ask parents for permission before sending personal information to anyone online or to any website. Parents, please keep in mind we do not intentionally collect any information from minors and that we have no specific protections in place.

Does OutdoorWire use cookies?

Yes, Cookies may be used on OutdoorWire in various ways:

* Cookies may beused to control the delivery of various media including banner ads to our readers. These benign cookies are used to keep you from seeing the same rotating advertising over and over again. These cookies may be set when enter our site, or access a specific section or each page.
* The OutdoorWire does not use cookies to collect any personal identifying information about you or your computer except that it may attempt to determine your browser family, screen size and display information for purposes of showing you web pages in the best format possible.
* Cookies may be used in OutdoorWire's stores to help create and maintain a personalized shopping cart.
* Cookies and/or IP Addresses are also used to estimate our audience size and page traffic statistics. Each browser accessing OutdoorWire may be given a unique cookie, which is then used to determine repeat usage versus initial usage, and to help analyze traffic patterns. This cookie should not have any significant personally identifying information.
* The current OutdoorWire BBS and Forum system uses cookies to remember login information. The Forums preferences menu allows you to control or erase those cookies at any time.
* In the future OutdoorWire may use cookie-based technology to provide personalized services, to remember login information or to provide more advanced features.
* Advertisers or merchants, either on or off of our site may use cookie-based technology. We have no control over their use of cookies.
* Lastly, advertising networks or affilates that serve or deliver ads onto OutdoorWire may also use cookies and collect other information outside of our control.

Does OutdoorWire use or collect my IP Address?

* OutdoorWire may collect IP addresses for the purposes of system administration and to track and report readership and site performance statistics. We may also collect IP information to assist in maintaining features such as our BBS system and to identify and block abuse of the system.

What is OutdoorWire's Opt-Out Policy?

* Reading any part of OutdoorWire and/or using any of our services is an entirely voluntary action. On any form where you are asked to submit any personal information that you are not comfortable submitting you may elect not to fill out the form and/or utilize the service. Where appropriate we may also provide an Opt-Out or Opt-In option, or options, that let you elect how parts of the information you are providing is used. Any such option will be clearly indicated. We have no control over how advertisers or sites which may be linked to or hosted by The 4x4Wire use information that they may collect, or their privacy policies.

What else should I know about my privacy?

* Please keep in mind that whenever you voluntarily post or disclose personal information online - for example on message boards, through email, or in chat areas - that same information can be collected and used by others. In short, if you post personal information online that is accessible to the public, you may receive unsolicited messages from other parties in return.
* Furthermore, while we endeavor to take all reasonable precautions to protect your personal information, OutdoorWire cannot guarantee or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us, and you do so at your own risk.
* In addition, OutdoorWire's advertisers, merchants, partners, and third party Internet sites and services accessible through or linked to OutdoorWire or parties whom we inform you are collecting data in connection with sweepstakes, promotions, etc., have separate privacy and data collection practices, independent of us. OutdoorWire has no control over, or responsibility for or liability in regards to these independent policies or actions.

REMEMBER: You are solely responsible for protecting your personal information and the secrecy of your passwords and/or any account information. Please be careful and responsible whenever you're online. We will do the best we can to help you, but you have to take reasonable precautions and have reasonable expectations as well.

We do not have any control or influence over sites that may advertise with us, or merchants that may have various forms of advertising, sites, or storefronts on our servers, or sites which may be linked to us.

However, if you become aware of any privacy or business abuses by any of those merchants, sites or services please inform us so we can take any possible action we deem appropriate. We do not have control or influence over the privacy policies of affiliated sites.

Please see their privacy policies for that information.

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OutdoorWire - Introduction

The OutdoorWire, Inc (MUIRNet Consulting) is a collection of multimedia Internet publications covering all responsible trail and family oriented off-highway and outdoor recreational activities, both motorized and non-motorized, from an enthusiasts point of view.

The OutdoorWire, Inc family of publications include:

4x4Wire Portal -
MUIRNet-News - Environmental News -
4x4Voice -
TrailTalk Forums -
Access and Landuse Central: http://www/

Managing Editor of the OutdoorWire family of internet publications is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; also a Natural Resources Consultant for the California 4 Wheel Drive Association and Board of Directors of the BlueRibbon Coalition.

All OutdoorWire sites receive frequent news updates of interest to the recreation community covering a variety of environmental, conservation, legislative, political, and automotive topics.

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4x4Wire Environmental Position

The OutdoorWire, Inc ( supports environmentally responsible off-highway and trail related recreational activities.

Collectively, we are a group of people who seek to experience the beauty and majesty of the backcountry and enjoy the clean air, clean water, and clean earth. Continuing to be able to do this requires preservation through stewardship, caregiving and a realistic understanding of the environment.


4x4Wire fully supports responsible off-highway trail use with minimal impact and encourages all off-roaders and trail users to learn what responsible use is.

4x4Wire encourages all outdoor recreation enthusists to support responsible environmental and conservation efforts in their local area and while on the trail. We also encourage all off-roaders and trail users to report irresponsible or illegal activities to the authorities. Working together will protect our backcountry from those who choose to abuse it, and those who would use their own bias and misperceptions of our activities to prevent anybody from being able to reasonably enjoy these magnificent areas.


4x4Wire believes that responsible off-highway recreation and trail use does not cause significantly more irreparable harm to non-sensitive areas than any other human activity does. As such, we believe that there should be provisions allowing for both continued and expanded reasonable access to non-sensitive areas by people enjoying both non-motorized and motorized off-road activities.

We believe that select sensitive wilderness areas should be preserved in their natural and pristine state and those areas should be allowed to exist without any human interference (motorized or otherwise). We also believe that by keeping as many well-defined trail areas open as possible and providing for the needs of off-highway and outdoor recreation that illegal and possibly destructive access will be reduced.

The 4x4Wire deplores the "us vs. them" mentality that may cause groups who prefer different modes of outdoor recreation to discriminate or campaign against the rights of others to also access and enjoy the back country.


For most people with physical limitations, the disabled and the elderly and for many families with young children, assisted trail use or motorized off-highway recreation provides the only way that they can access and enjoy the more remote areas in the backcountry. The 4x4Wire believes that all people have the right to enjoy access to public lands, and to enjoy that access without regard for their ability to hike up mountains or traverse deserts and other rugged terrain by foot.


4x4Wire fully supports and encourages responsible environmental and conservation education. The 4x4Wire believes that all backcountry recreationalists, whether accessing the trail through mechanized vehicles, using animal power or on foot, need to be educated on the proper care of the environment and on all important environmental issues in the areas that they are using. The 4x4Wire advocates the development of education and training programs for all trail users for these issues.


The 4x4Wire supports the development of cleaner burning engines and alternative technologies for power sources that will minimize air quality impacts.

We support the development of all technologies that provide for operation of mechanized vehicles with less environmental impact.

4x4Wire supports the use actual of tail-pipe emission based vehicle emission regulation as opposed to bureaucratic based red tape regulations that make little sense.

We advocate that the government's environmental policies & regulations be based on sound scientific research and not on poor research, unsubstantiated claims, personal opinion, bias, or personal belief.


Many land use, public access, or off highway recreation organizations have aligned themselves with industrial land use advocates, such as resource extraction or livestock grazing, to fight land closures because of monetary issues. The 4x4Wire does not take a position, for or against, support of these other land use issues. We encourage that these activities be done in an environmentally safe and responsible manner and we deplore any unnecessary damage to the environment. We are an outdoor recreation organization and these are not outdoor recreation issues.


4x4Wire deplores the actions any person or organization which espouses eco-terrorism, vandalism and/or any activity which could cause people who are engaged in legal and responsible activities serious injury or even death. We encourage any person with knowledge of such terroristic activities to report them to the authorities.


We encourage anybody who wishes to support any sort of environmental organization to do very careful research and make sure that the activities that the organization in question supports are both legal and are compatible with your personal views. Look deeply into the dogma and leadership of any organization, examine their goals and aims carefully. Don't be guilty of sending in a check that ultimately could contribute to someone's death or injury just because the person that asks for it tells you they want to save the environment. Make sure that the organization in question does not advocate unreasonable restrictions on your ability to enjoy the outdoors.

The final word is that we need to take care of the great outdoors so we can all enjoy it. Use it; but, do not abuse it.

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OutdoorWire, 4x4Wire, JeepWire, TrailTalk, MUIRNet-News, and 4x4Voice are all trademarks and publications of OutdoorWire, Inc. and MUIRNet Consulting. Copyright (c) 1999-2020 OutdoorWire, Inc and MUIRNet Consulting - All Rights Reserved, no part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without express written permission. You may link freely to this site, but no further use is allowed without the express written permission of the owner of this material. All corporate trademarks are the property of their respective owners.